New segment series wraps shooting day

We just wrapped up an exciting day of shooting a new segment series of diver tips for "Dive Charter" featuring Tec Clark of Some of the topics to be covered are "Diver Etiquette", "Ladder Exits", "Sea Legs", "Tipping the Crew" and many more. Raw footage is now being edited, and finished segments will [...]

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Scuba Fitness segments now appearing in episodes of Dive Charter

We recently created a new segment on "Dive Charter" called Scuba Fitness.  Featuring April from Balanced Spirals, these segments cover various exercises divers can do at home to strengthen their backs, abs and core muscles to help with heavy scuba gear while diving and climbing the boat ladders. There are several segments completed which [...]

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Episode 12 – “Hurricane” is now online!

In this episode, I wanted to show how the dive boats get ready in the face of a storm.  Everyone knows what to do to get ready, but what do dive boats have to do to survive the storm? Featuring interviews with the crews and clips of underwater damage to some of the local wrecks. [...]

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Season 2 premieres Jan 3, 2018

In the Season 2 premiere episode "Lionfish Re-visited", I wanted to do a follow-up episode detailing whether the war on lionfish was working.  I interviewed researchers, jewelry-makers and Whole Foods personnel who explained how their added efforts are making a difference, and we learned about some new technologies and uses for lionfish along the way. I [...]

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Dive Charter Episode 7 is online

The latest episode of Dive Charter is available for viewing online.  This episode deals with some of the public's fears and misconceptions of sharks.  We go on a dive to a spot specifically known for shark sightings, and we talk to Nikole Ordway of "Shark Savers" about how much of what the public actually knows [...]

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Episode 5 is now online!

Hello everyone! Just a quick post to let you know that Dive Charter episode 5 is now available online for viewing. This episode deals with "Adaptive Diving" and how the Scubatyme III crew handles having a group of disabled divers onboard. We interview the disabled divers, their specially-trained buddies and the program managers.   An [...]

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Sea Experience II Joins the Dive Charter Family!

Hello Everyone! We're proud to announce that Bill Cole and the staff and crew of Sea Experience has joined the Dive Charter family as our second featured dive boat! We'll have more dive sites and adventures while continuing our "behind-the-scenes look" at a day in the life of a dive boat. Look for future episodes [...]

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